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from: bai
Manila, 0 - Philippines
December 13, 2006

hi, im a big fan of el hefe and fat mike, what strings do you use?gauge?...and what gadgets?

we use Ernie Ball strings Hefe uses the Green pack which are 10 Melvin uses purple which are 11 Mike uses the orange bass strings maybe the full gauges are on the Ernie Ball web site _Melvin via Kent

from: Will
Portsmouth, OH - United States
December 13, 2006

who is singing in linoleum before the guitar starts? it's sounds like someones yodeling.and by the way, how long have you had your tele hefe?

Hefe is warming up his voice before singing his tracks _Melvin

from: Carlos Enrique
0 - Brazil
December 13, 2006

Hello guys Id like to know whats your favorite NOFX album?

Smelly: Decline El Hefe: White Trash Melvin: War On Errorism Fat: So Long _Melvin

from: Ben
Portland, OR - United States
December 13, 2006

I was just wondering if you have any tips before going on stage becuase my band has a few gigs coming up at some parties and we dont wanna get booed off stage, like I've seen some bands play and they don't even talk to the audience, they don't even rock out I was just wondering what stage tips you got.

Sorry to sound cliche, but just be yourself. Do whatever feels right to you. These people you are playing music in front of are normal and abnormal people just like you are, talk to them or ignore them and play based on that. If my experience has taught me any good lessons, it's that if something unexpected happens, it makes for a more memorable show. _Melvin

from: Sam
Lewiston, ME - United States
December 13, 2006

Dear Mike, I like your sound but cannot afford an svt classic nor an ampeg 8x10. What would you suggest for someone who is on a budget like myself? eternally yours,sam

Find something used. As long as it's got tubes in it, and you can make it moderately loud, you should be alright. If you're a pretty consistent in your strumming, almost any amp will sound fine. _Melvin

from: Alex
London, Ontario, 0 - Canada
December 13, 2006

I'd like to know if there is any connection between Stuck in the K-Hole and the previous album, Heavy Petting Zoo. Your vocals sounds more unique on that album then any before or since. I was wondering if you were high on Ketamine for the majority of the recording of it, hence getting out of the K-Hole on the next album. If it's none of my business then just tell me to fuck off. You're the best band alive.

Mike's voice sounded different on Heavy Petting Zoo because he wasn't screaming as much as you are probably used to. _Melvin

from: Adam
Boston, MA - United States
December 13, 2006

mike what is your favorite kind of chinese food?

White rice _Fat Mike

from: tom
london, 0 - United Kingdom
November 07, 2002

I just bought the new "pods and gods" ep and i was quite surprised that it had a quite electronic and synthesised sound to it in parts. You're not going to be another one of those bands that gets to the point in their career where they feel that they have to come up with new styles just to move with the times

I don't know what you mean. NOFX have always prided ourselves in using our vast and comprehensive knowledge of theory and musicianship in order to perform and compose BOTH kinds of music: punk AND hardcore.

Fat Mike

from: Manny
Los Gatos, CA - United States
November 07, 2002

You were all out of "Reasons To Hate The President" flyer, is there any place I can find it online?

You can find that and many other interesting facts about Mr. Bush at Don't worry, after Nov. 5th, the reasons to hate the president are gonna start to multiply exponentially. (did I spell that right?)

Fat Mike

from: bill young
mill bay, BC - United States
November 07, 2002

I was wondering, in the booklet that came with 45 or 46 songs you say on the page for Forming that The Germs are the greatest punk band of all time, but just over on the page for Electricity you say that the Ramones are the greatest punk band of all time which one of these is correct?

good question. While the Germs and the Ramones might be the greatest punk bands of all times, I would have to recapitulate and state that the greatest punk band of all times was actually the Descendents as well as Minor Threat.

Fat Mike

from: Reed
Franklin, TN - United States
November 05, 2002

I noticed that you guys stopped doing cover songs(atleast i think so). any reason why?

I guess you haven't picked up the Rancid/Nofx split on BYO. (I think we covered 6 Rancid songs)

Fat Mike

from: Josh
San Diego, CA - United States
November 05, 2002

Hey whatsup NOFX?? First, I want to tell you guys that you fucking rock. At the Warped Tour July 3 2002, at Chula Vista, you sang a song called

We're saving that song for special occasions. It's wierd cuz I really like playing that song live, but I don't wanna record it cuz I change the lyrics every time George does something lame. It's a constant work in progress. If in 2004 it looks like the idiot might win again, we will probably record the song and push it to radio. Gotta do the right thing. If that fuck fixes another election I'm moving to Australia.

Fat Mike

from: Renissance Mike
Leominster, MA - United States
May 22, 2002

I dont want you to take offense to this question. Mike, but you prbably will. I've seen rumors around that you guys are a secret part of the CIA and that you're actually undercover and thats why you tour outside of the U.S. so much. They also insist that your roadies are Double O Agents. I personally think you might not go to certain cities as a result of people spitting on you.(i know how much that pisses you off). But anyway, I think this rumor is the biggest load of shit I've ever heard but I just wanted to get your opinion on it. P.S. Pump Up The Valuum is awesome and you guys keep putting better shit out as you go along, It doesn't matter to me if you're pushing 40. You still kick ass! Thanx Mike

Yes, it's all true. We are all in the CIA and our roadies are double agents working secretly for the canadian government. Other rumors that are also true: Eric Melvin is really a woman, and El Hefe is the president of Peru. Also our drummer Erik has pimples, and I've got a great collection of chins that I keep safely on my neck.

Fat Mike

from: Matt
nyc, NY - United States
May 20, 2002

I had a question regarding the change of the East Coast Tour (subsequently cancelled). On the Fat mailing list, you said, "I'm not about to change my political views because some maniacal religious freaks attacked the US." This is in regards to the "Not My President" shirt on the Fat site. If such a stance is taken, why change the tour name from the "Not My President Tour" to the "Spaghetti Eastern Tour"? Seems like the same issue, unless the concert venues took issue with the original name. Looking forward to the shows in March.

You're exactly right. After 9/11 none of the clubs would advertise the "Not my President tour". So we just dropped it. I still talked a lot of shit on stage though, and we're still selling the shirts on the warped tour this summer.

Fat Mike

from: Katy
Berkeley, CA - United States
May 20, 2002

As a female with a "bigga figga," I really appreciate your pro-fat songs... funny thing is, methinks that a lot of your dumber fans think that Hot Dog in a Hallway and SF Fat are jokes. Do a search on the net of "Fat chicks NOFX" (don't ask) and you get stuff like, "Turnons: NOFX. Turnoffs: Fat Chicks!" Bums. So my question is this: can you clarify once and for all that you dig big chicks? And is it the whole band that's down with it, or just Mike? thanks

That's fucked. Lets set the record straight. Yes I really like big girls. I used to date a bunch of big women. I think the biggest was 220. She was awesome. I'm married now though and although my wife looks skinny, she used to weigh 30 pounds more when we were first goin out. She keeps gettin skinnier too, I gotta do something about it. As far as the other guys go, I don't think they care either way, cuz I've seen both Melvin and Hefe with big girls and little girls.

Fat Mike

from: chunk kurucz
glassport, PA - United States
May 20, 2002

a while back when you started the q&a someone asked if you would ever realease fuck the kids and other 7 inch stuff on cd and your answer was "no, certain things must stay on vinyl, its punk law" what made you change your mind and release the double cd with fuck the kids and surfer on it?

shit, did I say that? Oh well I guess I broke the law.

Fat Mike

from: brett
santa barbara, 0 - United States
May 20, 2002

first off i'd like to apologize for the length of this question, but please read it, and try to answer it, if not on the website, at least to me through my email. i am normally pretty open to political critiques because a lot of the times they are well founded and i feel that it is always wise to hear and understand both sides of an argument. but i am having difficulty with your problems, or at least the way you present them, with our current government, namely president bush. I saw your show in anaheim and you critisized him saying that he was dumber than half the people in the room and so on. but you never said why except for the fact that he has done drugs in his past and he choked on a pretzel. well, you guys brag about doing drugs all the time and in songs you talk about how drugs should be legal. it seems slightly hypocritical to say someone is dumb for taking them when you actively promotefor the use of drugs. it's not like he knew that he was going to run for ! president during that time in his life anyway. i just feel that for a band, or anyone, to critique the government they should explain why they feel the way they do, and i was frustrated with the fact that you didn't. i felt like you were telling us what to believe with no reasoning behind it, and that seems like what punk is a rebelion against in the first place. saying the president is stupid does not justify drawing a swastika on his forehead. can you more articulately and logically explain why you're dissatisfied with the current administration? i am sure that you have good reasons and i would really like to hear them. thank you.

Point taken. The reason I don't go into details while I'm in the middle of playing a gig is that nobody wants to hear me go on for 15 minutes. I could probably go on for an hour talking about how many fucked up things George W. has done, but it would get pretty boring.I suggest you go out and buy Michael Moore's new book "Stupid White Men". He explains very nicely how George blatently stole the election and has gone on to better things like getting most of the world, that didn't already hate us, to hate us. But don't take my word for the book(it's funny too)

Fat Mike

from: Mike
Newark, DE - United States
November 21, 2001

I was wondering if you guys have any pre-show preparations, such as finger excercises, stretches, bong hitting, or breathing relaxation techniques. I know I have to do one of these before I play...

I like to have a vodka drink or two before the show, at this point in time it's the only way that I know of to clear my mind of the usual thoughts that are running through my head. I'll try to do something to warm up, like jumping up and down like a crazy person, then do a series of stretches so that my body is prepared for the abuse that is to come. If I have time still, I'll do some deep breathing and try to focus my energy so that I can scream my guts out properly. Then I pray to the powers that be that I don't fuck up too much.

Eric Melvin

from: Patrick Hayes
Warwick, NY - United States
November 21, 2001

Hey, way back in 86' did u guys produce any songs with Dave Allen.If so what were they? Why did he only last 2 weeks?

I'm pretty sure it was the winter of 86'(85'?) that Dave Allen did a southwest U.S. tour with us. Our drummer for that tour was named Scotty Aldahl. There was a New Year's eve show in Dallas. I got in a fight with some skinhead 'cuz he kissed my girlfriend. We toured with a band called Entropy, from Santa Monica, CA. In Santa Fe, NM we played together with Scared Straight and Timmy the Turtle's band the Grim. On St Patrick's day of that next year, Dave Allen was driving home with Scotty's cousin Gary. Dave's truck flipped and Gary was thrown out of the passenger side, neither one was wearing seatbelts. Dave sustained serious internal injuries from hitting the steering wheel, he died at the hospital on the operating table. He was one of my best friends at the time.

Eric Melvin

from: Steve
0 - United States
October 30, 2001

hi ... ok ... this is from some nofx fansite: >> On the cover of The Decline there is a boy flying a plane. This boy appears to be the same boy who is playing with a toy plane in the movie Pink Floyd: The Wall. Ironically, the boy and his toy plane first appear nearly 18 minutes into the movie, which also is almost the exact running time of The Decline. Play The Decline to the first 18 minutes of The Wall and you'll see what happens! I asked NOFX about this on their official website in the Q&A section, but I don't expect them to answer it (you know how those guys are). I figured instead of using lyrical puns (as they do on most albums), this time they decided to do a visual pun (which apparently makes fun of the pink floyd/wizard of oz connection). << Now is this guy just making this up or is that really an intended visual pun ?????

you are insane.

Fat Mike

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