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#1 Most asked Question
January 5 , 2000

When are you going to play in my town?

Check The Tour Dates...under "Tour Dates!"

#2 Most asked Question
January 5 , 2000

What does NOFX stand for?

NOFX doesn't stand for shit. We just kinda ripped off the name from an old Boston band Negative FX. OK. . .Fat Mike.

from: TREE
SOME PLACE USA, AL - United States
05, 2009

Hey I saw You guys (NOFX) live at warped tour and I was wondering why did you have to make fun of The Devil Wears Prada? Your music was great just when you stopped and told a racist joke and kept going wasn't that great.

We had to make fun of them be cause they are so terrible, and they never fought back, which only made it worse.

from: Robert Gori
Zurich, Other - Switzerland
05, 2009

do you guys still skate?

totally... wait is that where you hit a little white ball down a really long Grass area 18 times in a roy?

from: Lucio Mazzucchelli
Buenos Aires, Other - Argentina
January 28, 2009

Hi guys! I know u heard this question several times but we want an honest answer, not like the one u gave to the other guy. Why uíre making TV series and selling them? We do not disserve an honest answer, BUT WE WANT IT ANYWAY. Good bye fags! P.S: my English sucks, I know. P.S 2: If u don't answer, well, I'm telling Tim.

Well we made a TV series becasue our documntary was getting to long and to good, and Fuse agreed to put it on their station. as far as selling it, we have not actually sold it yet, more like gave it. But now as of March 17th we will be selling it on DVD with 2 hours of extra footage, mostly of me. its out on Fat so get it!

from: Mati
Other - United States
January 04, 2009

hey guys (hola cabros) I was just wondering ( me pregunto) if you guys (si ustedes) want to take me (me quieren llevar) on tour with you (en el tour con ustedes). I think I deserve it (creo q me lo meresco). And thanks, I have travelled a lot thanks to you (y gracias e viajado mucho gracias a ustedes) This is pure shit and you are a blanck check whilling to buy an allans poe stupid book or just to pay one minute to bite on an angelina jolie`s tit. (esto es pura mierda..........teta de angelina jolie)...Ok, my question is: TARATATAAANNNN! when are yo coming to my town? and what does nofx stand for? I just cant cant get it. Shit I feel so stupid, I want to cry now, I need a full hug from nubs, are you understanding me??? ARE YOUU? ARE YOU EVEN reading THIS? or are you just taking blue dragon and doing stupid things that are cool just because you are NOFX.. I think you are dumb and you keep me numb and ignorant and close to new ideas, new brilliant ideas that can change this mediocre senseless world.. Do you at least know someting about my country CHILE, or you are happy knowing a little bit of california and maybe some curiosity about Australia? "The masses of humanity always had to surf" Thats it? Fuck you Fat Mike, Fuck you Limo, Im not scared of your 25 feet of stupidness, And fuck everyone related to FATWRECK, its the new Tarantinos ass.


from: Marcelo Blaz
Porto Alegre, Other - Brazil
January 04, 2009

Hi guys! I noticed that a crap religious website classified NOFX as a "gay punk band" ( What do you think about it? Tks and keep the good work. Porto Alegre Brazil

awesome -answered by Limo actually.

from: Trevor
Moncton, NB - Canada
December 13, 2008

I know this wasnt a question, so heres one for ya, out of the whole crew, whose sack hangs lowest when freeballin?


from: Melanie
Other - France
December 13, 2008

I was wondering if circle pits, in Australia, go the other way? the toilets! Hehe!! ;P


0 - United States
December 13, 2008

Hey Guys,Im just wondering whats on El Hefe's,Melvin's,Or Fat Mike's Ipod,Anything Will Do,Im Really Curious.Thanks Guys,Never Break Up PLEASE,Bye.

El Hefe-Hip Hop and Cartoons Melvin-Classic Rock, Rock and Punk Fat Mike Punk and Jazz and Musicals Smelly (thanks for asking) Punk and prog Rock

from: Ramon
0 - Brazil
December 01, 2008

hey, whaz up. well, some guys told me that the song kill all the white man was writen by edie murph... is that true? thanks


from: Tim Chreptak
Toronto, ON - Canada
December 26, 2008

NOW, why the fuck did you cut off The Decline at the end of They've Gotten Worse Live? tell me it's not something lame like you ran out of space and that really you totally fucked it up at the show so couldn't put it on there... such a fuckin tease -

we love to annoy people when ever possible

from: Billy Hartley
0 - United States
December 25, 2008

I have been a long time fan of your guys music but i have problem.....why the fuck did you sell out and make some goddamn faggot t.v series!!! That's everything that punk is agianst.i hope you all sleep good tonight knowing that you guys just lost the respect of millions of true punks......i hope you guys are extra happy the kids love the t.v. series.You guys should just might as well jump on the band wagon and start being gay for fashion, wear some make up and change your name into some thing the kids would really love like panic at the disco....yeah those fucking kids would dig that let me get back to my orignal question....why sell out to the new mtv......? "MTV GET OFF THE AIR" The Dead Kennedys one upset person out of million Billy Hartley P.S. If you guys dont respond to my question then that shows that you guys are really official douche bags.

you threw up

from: Ferdi
Frankfurt, 0 - Germany
June 27, 2007

so.. my question is: Which drumset have you got, which drumhardware and which crymbals ? you need a really fast foot pedal or ? i've got a pearl eliminator foot machine i think thar should be fast enough ;) did you train your foot to get that fast ? please say me some practice to get faster!

I have an orange county drums and percussion drum set, mapex hardware, zildjain cymbles and a tama pedal. your pearl pedal is a good one, i used to play one. so for going fast you have to stay relaxed and keep your ankle relaxed is really important. i dont really have any drills for you, but start of slow and work your way up to a speed you want to play at. thanks for the question, Erik a.k.a. smelly

from: test
test, AL - United States
May 16, 2007



from: Owen
Vincenza, 0 - Italy
April 13, 2007

does it ever get to the point where you just hate to play music or being in nofx just pays the bills, like if you could do something else and make the same living you would do that instead i have heard the song 60% and i'm pretty sure i understand it but i guess what i'm really asking is if that is seriously how it is or are there times that you still give 200% and enjoy it and really work hard to put something really good out p.s. i am fully aware that i might not get an honest answer and i am a sap thanks

You want to hear me to complain? For me, playing live, making records and just being with my friends in NOFX never gets tedious. I always give my best -I mean- my drunk and sloppy best. It's other parts of being in the band that gets tedious, like travelling on airplanes for hours amd hours day after day, dealing with immigration and customs officials in other countries, having to shit something bad I ate that's gonna make my ass hurt for the rest of the day, and always being made aware of NOFX fan's expectations. As much as I try these things can not be separated. Playing a fun show makes most of these things go away, so If I can remind myself, I take whatever's bothering me and try to work it during the show. _Melvin

from: Kyle
Seattle, WA - United States
April 13, 2007

My un-named buddy says you stayed at his house in the tri-cities(Christ on a crutch house) many many years ago. He claims one of you left crabs in the bathroom. Which one of you did it?

It could not have been me, after Boise, Idaho in 1986 or 87 I shaved my crotch hair and have kept it shorn ever since. Oh, wait, you are in Washington, that would have been before I shaved it. It could have been any of us. That was a bad year. _Melvin

from: Peter
Nove Zamky, 0 - Slovakia (Slovak Republic)
April 13, 2007

Oh hey guys! how its possible to remember all the cords and lyrics.. coz we wasnt playing for 3 months (bills for our place) d:D and when we finally got new one, we were not able to play any of our songs.. dont tell me to write them down.. email me please i need to talk in private dudes.. dudeeeees!

Did you ever play the game tetris? The chords fit together just right. Sometimes I'll mess up if I start playing one of our songs in a different position on the neck, I get lost and can't find where I am. It's a gift, really. Like OCD, or ADD or Herpes. _Melvin

from: nofx sucks
SF, CA - United States
April 13, 2007

when you guys were unsigned did you have the feeling that you would never get signed and remain bad forever, and never go anywhere?

I didn't really care. There were not many options available to punk rock bands at the time we started. All we got was touring in a van and making shitty sounding records or nothing at all. And that was fine. _Melvin

from: Wozza
Pottsville Beach, 0 - Australia
April 13, 2007

hi fats and melvin i just wanted to know what it was like growin up in la being jewish i grew up in bankstown were half the population is muslim half of that half are great but the other half were just angry anyway i live near cooly now and cant wait to see ya and ill see ya at luna park to.

Growing up Jewish in LA was fine, there weren't many strict or orthodox or fundamentalist religious people around the city, at least not that I saw. It seems like people were more tolerent because most people's beliefs left room for other people to believe in other things. So it was easier to get along. _Melvin

from: Giacomo
0 - Italy
April 13, 2007

I love the way ya guys move on stage.Do you inspire yourselfs to some other artist or did you just kinda create your own style during the years?

I don't know how I got to what ever it is that I do onstage now. I guess I started moving around onstage and jumping around after seeing bands like Ill Repute and Bad Brains. _Melvin

from: Hannah
0 - New Zealand
April 13, 2007

I am the mother of 3 boys now in their late twenties who blasted my house out with NOFX for so many years that I actually began to enjoy your music.What they don't know is that I often rocked around my lounge on a Friday night after a few wines cranking up the stereo whilst having a party on my own! Now I'm 52 years old and still put on Prunk in Dublic (my favourite) and dance like crazy! Imagine my delight to learn you're coming to New Zealand.Sadly,none of my girlfriends appreciate your music so I will have to forgo the chance to see you live.Too shameful going on my own !! Anyway,just want to let you know that your music always makes me think of my sons,how they introduced me to it and how I still love it.Have a fantastic tour downunder guys!!!

I take me a few wines (actually vodka or tequila) as well before we go onstage. Thanks for the letter, y'know we're all 40 now, except Hefe is 41. Oh yeah, NZ was great, good shows, nice people, good food, good drinks. _Melvin

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