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So, a lot of you may wonder why NOFX haven't done interviews in quite a few years. There are a few good reasons and some bad ones. We mainly stopped cause we're tired of getting exploited by the press. Of course there are plenty of good fanzines, but many more fucked up ones, and it became harder to tell which ones were interested in the band and which ones were interested in selling issues or selling our interviews to bigger mainstream magazines (which happened a lot in Europe). In too many cases, we felt that we were being used. Too many interviewers misquote us, or just fill in answers that they think better represented or misrepresented us.

These are all things that every band has to deal with. It's all part of the marketing game. so we decided to take ourselves out. We don't want the exposure. We have a great fanbase, and we really don't need it to get any bigger. We're happy with how many records we sell, and with how popular we are. We don't need to get any bigger, and we don't need to be used by the press, just as we don't need radio or tv.

We'll just keep playin' live and makin' records and hangin' out. We do interviews occasionally with small zines, but for the most part we keep our private lives and opinions private.

Now for the bad reasons. After doing 4 or 5 interviews a night on tour for the past 14 years it gets pretty fuckin' old. Not to mention that people ask the same fucking questions over and over again. I don't wanna spend my whole evening under interrogation. I love to talk to people, but I don't like being the only one talking, and i don't wanna talk about the same subject every night: me. so, we came up with a plan for our fans that wanna know stuff about us. Here it goes:

You send in questions and we'll answer them. These answers will stay up forever, so we won't have to answer the same ones over and over again. It sounds simple, but it might work. what ever happens, someone's gonna get pissed and someone's gonna get stoked and someone's gonna get bored. Oh yeah, don't ask lame shit, it probably won't get answered.

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