wolves in wolves' clothing
fat wreck chords


01. 60%
02. USA-holes
03. seeing double at the triple rock
04. we march to the beat of of indifferent drum
05. the marxist brothers
06. the man i killed
07. benny go blowed up
08. leaving jesusland
09. getting high on the down low
10. cool and unusual punishment
11. wolves in wolves' clothing
12. cantando en espanol
13. 100 times fuckeder
14. instant crassic
15. you will lose faith
16. one celled creature
17. doornails
18. 60% (reprise)

It's finally here, the new record!

Now with 40% more Mel Yell

El Hefe sings in Spanish!

Recorded with Stinkmaster Bill Stevenson and partner Jason Livermore. Now we know the real meaning behind why their Colorado Springs studio is called "The Blasting Room".