so long and thanks for all the shoes
epitaph records


01. it's my job to keep punk rock elite
02. kids of the k-hole
03. murder the government
04. monosyllabic girl
05. 180 degrees
06. all his suits are torn
07. all outta angst
08. i'm telling tim
09. champs elysées
10. dad's bad news
11. kill rock stars
12. eat the meek
13. the desperation's gone
14. flossing a dead horse
15. quart in session
16. falling in love

This was recorded in sf. With Ryan Greene at motor studios. A nice place to record a punk record. The title is not referring to Airwalk or Vans, it is from a Douglas Adams book called, "so long and thanks for all the fish". We tend to get hit with a lot of shoes when we play so we thought it was a good title. It's not our last album. Nate from the bosstones came by and played guitar on a couple songs. That was pretty cool. We kinda went for more of an old school sound on this record. More hardcore than the previous one. I like it. Favorite song-desperation's gone. Too bad about ska getting mainstream, I don't think I wanna play it anymore.