surfer 7"
fat wreck chords


01. fun things to fuck (if you're a winner)
02. juice head
03. three on speed
04. new happy birthday song?
05. talking 'bout yo momma
06. party enema
07. can't get the stink out
08. go to work wasted
09. fuck da kids
10. whoa on the whoas
11. three shits to the wind
12. puke on cops
13. i gotta pee
14. totally fucked

This recording was just like "fuck the kids". Two days in the studio, 14 sloppy songs to prove it. My favorite is the birthday song cuz I'm so fuckin sick of hearing the same stupid birthday song on everybody's b-day. We all got one, whats the BFD. So please, next time you go to one of your relatives big day, sing em this song, and you probably won't get invited to the next one. Good plan.

First 500 on colored vinyl.