i heard they suck live
fat wreck chords


01. linoleum
02. you're bleeding
03. moron brothers
04. punk guy
05. bob
06. life o'reilly
07. you drink, you drive, you spill
08. nothing but a nightmare (sorta)
09. east bay
10. soul doubt
11. kill all the white man
12. beer bong
13. six pack girls
14. together on the sand
15. nowhere
16. the brews
17. buggley eyes

So, we book three nights at the Roxy in Hollywood for a live album. The first night we get totally wasted. It was hella fun. We listen to the tape the next day. It sucks hard. Total disaster. The next night we get a little drunk and it turned out the best. We used some of the jokes from each night, but the music was pretty much all from the second night. Alright, this is getting totally boring. This came out on fat. That's all.