s&m airlines
epitaph records


01. day to daze
02. five feet under
03. professional crastination
04. vanilla sex
05. s & m airlines
06. drug free america
07. life o'riley
08. you drink, you drive, you spill
09. screamin for change
10. jaundiced eyes
11. go your own way

We recorded this at west beach recorders in 89 once again with Brett Gurewitz. This record took 6 days to record and mix. We had a blast recording this time cuz we had 6 whole days. We didn't know how to sing harmonies yet, so Greg Graffin of bad religion came in and sang the back ups on 3 or 4 songs. That was ultra cool. Too bad we couldn't pull them off live. This was our first record to come out after suffer (the record that changed everything) and the first record to come out on epitaph. It sold 3500 copies the first year and that was a lot more than our previous one. Flipside fanzine called us metal and that was a total bummer. I think it was because Steve had long hair and a metal guitar. Oh well they're forgiven.