epitaph records


01. green corn
02. the moron brothers
03. shower days
04. food, sex and ewe
05. just the flu
06. el lay
07. new boobs
08. cheese
09. where's my slice?
10. together on the sand
11. brain constipation
12. gonoherpasyphlaids
13. i don't want you around
14. the malachi crunch

Once again we went back to west beach with Brett. This record took 12 days. For some reason we were playing a lot of chess during the recording. I swear every 20 minutes me and Brett would play a game of speed chess, and then mix another song. This record was important. It was the first nofx record that people actually liked. I think we finally got our sound. We took a little bad religion, di, rkl, and came up with the nofx sound. Now when we went on tour, people showed up and enjoyed themselves. It was weird. No one really liked us very much before. So right when we started getting popular, our guitarist Steve quit to join a rock band. Oh well, that's when we got El Hefe. This record sold 8000 copies the first year. That was a lot. Flipside liked this one.