punk in drublic
epitaph records

01. linoleum
02. leave it alone
03. dig
04. the cause
05. don't call me white
06. my heart is yearning
07. perfect government
08. the brews
09. the quass
10. dying degree
11. fleas
12. lori meyers
13. jeff wears birkenstocks
14. punk guy
15. happy guy
16. reeko
17. scavenger type

So we wanted to go back in to West Beach with Donnel, but it turns out now he's in rehab, and obviously is in no shape to record us. So Mr. Brett tells me to call his friend Ryan Greene. So I call Ryan and he records what is probably our best record. It turns out Ryan has really long hair and knows a lot of metal bands, but he's pretty cool anyway. We record at west beach, but mix at EMI. This record takes about 3 weeks, which is about as long as we've ever spent on any record. We had a bunch of weird people come in to play steel drums and flaminco guitar and stuff. We covered a Mark Curry song too, which a lot of people don't know. (Perfect Government) . This record turned out to be our best selling record. Without any radio or video play, it ended up going gold. Pretty neat.