pump up the valuum
epitaph records


01. and now for something completely similiar
02. take 2 placebos and call me lame
03. what's the matter with parents today
04. dinosaurs will die
05. t.g.i.m.
06. clams have feelings too
07. louise
08. stranger than fishin
09. pharmacist's daughter
10. bottles to the ground
11. total bummer
12. my vagina
13. herojuana
14. theme from a nofx album

This album took fuckin' forever, even longer than decline. we started in december of 99 and finished in february 00. of course we took the holidays off and we went on a three week tour in jan. we recorded like 22 songs, but we scrapped 8 of them. we'll finish them some other time. the title track "pump up the valuum" got cut from the album. that's wierd. we gave it to epitaph for punk o rama 5. there's another song called "san francisco fat" that is gonna go on the next fat comp. the vinyl on the album is clear, and limited to some number. i guess a lot of the songs on this record are about drugs. i guess that's because we like drugs and like singin' about them even more. well our drummer doesn't like them so much. he did so much of em he had to quit seven years ago. but he's not writing the lyrics. am i rambling, i feel like i'm rambling, any way, i like this album. there's no ska, no reggae, no jazz, just punk and punk and a little polka. i don't feel the need to ever play a ska song again, but ya never know. yes, i definitely think i am rambling.