maximum rocknroll
mystic records


01. live your life
02. my friends
03. six pack girls
04. bang gang
05. hit it
06. hold it back
07. id
08. cops and donuts
09. iron man
10. shitting bricks
11. mom rules
12. on my mind
13. white bread
14. lager in the dark
15. too mixed up
16. drain bramaged
17. bob turkee
18. no problems
19. memories
20. beast within
21. instrumental
22. ant attack

This was never supposed to be a record. NOFX got popular in the mid 90's so mystic records took both seven inchers and put them out on a cd with a bunch of demo songs. It's a totally sucky record and the artwork totally bites. We had no control over any of it. In fact we didn't know it was coming out until I saw one in a store. If you want to hear a totally crappy fucked album then this is the one for you. Don't say I didn't warn you.