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epitaph records


01. shut up already
02. freedumb
03. here comes the neighborhood
04. a200 club
05. sloppy english
06. you put your chocolate in my peanut butter
07. mr. jones
08. vegetarian mumbo jumbo
09. beer bong
10. piece
11. i like in a cake
12. no problems
13. on the rag
14. truck stop blues

Recorded in 88 by Brett Gurewitz in 3 days at west beach recorders. We we're all stoked cause we got to meet Brett from bad religion. He asked us if we wanted to put the record out on epitaph, but we wanted to put it out ourselves. What a mistake. It took almost a year to sell 1500 copies at 4 bucks a piece, and we only got paid for half. We ended up giving the record to epitaph like 5 years later with a new cover. I wouldn't say this record sucks, but it's still pretty hard to listen to.