bottles to the ground cdep
epitaph records


01. bottles to the ground
02. lower
03. my name is bud
04. dinosaurs will die

4 song ep with 2 of the songs on the full length and 2 unreleased. Doesn't sound like a very good idea. Ya see, it was supposed to be released two months before pump up the valuum with the song "pods and gods", but then something got fucked up with that. Lower was supposed to go on the record, but it got dropped for total bummer. Anyway, it was confusing, and the ep got pushed back till way after the record. We only printed 40,000 so it should be hard to find in a couple months. I like the song LOWER cuz it has trombone in it on the choruses. It's kinda hard to hear though. There is a picture of a girl eating candy on the inside, but its not really candy, it's valume. Thats cool.