45 or 46 songs that weren't good enough to go on our other records

fat wreck chords

disc one - counting sheep
01 Pimps And Hookers
02 All Of Me
03 We Threw Gasoline on the Fire...
04 Drugs Are Good
05 Lower
06 Forming
07 Electricity
08 Lazy
09 The Plan
10 Timmy The Turtle
11 Punk Song
12 See Her Pee
13 Zyclone B Bathhouse
14 Last Caress
15 Bath Of Least Resistance
16 We Ain't Shit
17 San Francisco Fat
18 Vincent
19 Pump Up The Valium
20 Pods And Gods
21 Eat The Meek (Dub Mix)
disc two - catching zzz's
01 Fun Things To Fuck
02 Juice Head
03 Three on Speed
04 New Happy Birthday Song?
05 Talking 'Bout Yo Mama
06 Party Enema
07 Can't Get The Stink Out
08 Go To Work Wasted
09 Fuck The Kids
10 Whoa On The Whoas
11 Puke On Cops
12 I Gotta Pee
13 Totally Fucked
14 Fuck The Kids
15 Fuck The Kids II
16 I'm Telling Tim
17 Reagan Sucks
18 Posuer
19 My Name's Bud
20 Two On Glue
21 Please Stop Fucking My Mom
22 Murder The Government
23 Stranger The Fishin'
24 Eric Melvin vs. PCP
25 Always Hate Hippies

Putting 47 songs together for an album is easy. Hardest part was finding the tapes. That took a few months. We did record that one new song Pimps and Hookers, but that only took a day. The hard thing was putting together 32 pages of liner notes. That took me weeks and they're not even that good. I can only hope that some people might be interested in me rambling on about nothing. Some of the pictures are pretty cool though. You know me writing this now is kinda dumb cuz I cover all this shit in the fuckin CD. So you're better off just reading it there. Good luck it's long.